8:47 $9.00 Slurping Tangent and Demi
Slurping Tangent and Demi

Luke can't stop licking the feet of Goddess Tangent and her super cute Femdom sister, the stunning Mistress Demi - but I guess I wouldn't either!


11:20 $10.00 Bonehead Licks Four Feet
Bonehead Licks Four Feet

Stinky slave bonehead lays his lazy self down on the couch and Mistress Euro and Goddess Tangent take advantage by forcing him to worship their perfect ...

10:16 $10.00 Nylon Loving Fool
Nylon Loving Fool

Stupid slave dopey is used as a nylon cleaning service as Mistress Tabby and Mistress Anastasia place their peds in the right spot for his tongue to be ...

11:46 $10.00 Do as I say!
Do as I say!

This clip is a little washed out lighting-wise. Basically, slave dopey is on the ground where he always is, and his tongue is out licking feet, like it ...

12:18 $10.00 My boots need cleaning
My boots need cleaning

And guess who needs to clean them? That's right, slave dopey and the tongue of dirt is here to ride in and save the day. Lots of pantyhose foot worship,...

11:25 $10.00 Between the toes
Between the toes

Slave dopey's face is up, and that means feet MUST be in his face....

11:36 $10.00 My Feet are ready now
My Feet are ready now

Mistress Summer walks in with her boots on and demands her servant lick and clean them for a couple minutes before he heads straight into bare foot subm...

10:45 $10.00 Make yourself useful..
Make yourself useful..

Mistress Xana commands slave hippy to do something useful and worship/adore her feet. I mean, what could be more useful than that?

10:07 $10.00 At the Feet of Mistress Red
At the Feet of Mistress Red

Mistress Red looks VERY cute as she forces slave dopey to first lick her boots and then has him remove them for her so he can start the foot worship in ...

8:18 $9.00 The Luck of Dopey
The Luck of Dopey

There is no end to the luck of slave dopey and his good fortune to end up licking the feet of Mistress Red. She looks VERY cute in this...

9:58 $10.00 Latina Foot Muncher
Latina Foot Muncher

These feet are hot and spicy and served as a two-foot combo meal to our slave who licks like it's the best Mexican food he's ever had.

10:57 $10.00 Licking Sondra's Soles
Licking Sondra's Soles

Mistress Sondra sits imperiously on her stool while slave dopey lies beneath her, eager to worship her feet.

10:40 $10.00 Lick My Wedges clean!
Lick My Wedges clean!

A continuation clip after Mistress Sondra has finished trampling slave dopey, next she makes sure he spends a good amount of time licking her wedges cle...

13:30 $12.00 Ordered to serve Her Feet
Ordered to serve Her Feet

Lots and lots of close-ups in this one as Goddess Tangent spends her time making sure slave luke pleasures her by worshiping her feet while she plays wi...

12:22 $10.00 Dopey licks Latina Feet
Dopey licks Latina Feet

Latina Mistress Gena and her cute accent bring the foot worship show to slave dopey who lays there like a lump, as usual. He starts off being forced to ...

9:34 $9.00 Latina Stockings
Latina Stockings

Exceedingly boring clip where our Latina Mistress Gena doesn't do much other than place her stocking-covered feet on his face, telling him to smell them...

10:28 $10.00 Long Toenail Foot Worship
Long Toenail Foot Worship

Ebony Mistress Shannon has some long toe nails so when she demands foot worship from her tiny slave, there is an element of danger inside his mouth. Wil...

10:11 $10.00 Hippy licks some Feet
Hippy licks some Feet

Slave hippy spends his time at the feet of his Mistress, making sure he cleans her green heels for a couple minutes before deep-throating her gorgeous b...

14:00 $12.00 Time to eat My feet
Time to eat My feet

Serving Mistress Darla was becoming slave luke's full time job it seems like. This is a cute and very well shot foot worship clip with 19 year old Darla...