8:47 $9.00 Slurping Tangent and Demi
Slurping Tangent and Demi

Luke can't stop licking the feet of Goddess Tangent and her super cute Femdom sister, the stunning Mistress Demi - but I guess I wouldn't either!

Foot Worship

10:14 $10.00 Lick my stockings
Lick my stockings

Super gorgeous Eve Ellis spends some quality time on the arm of her slave's couch, making sure he smells and worships her stockings and feet.

11:19 $10.00 Licking the Heels of Xana
Licking the Heels of Xana

Our Goddess, the amazing Mistress Xana forces her slave to worship her heels for the first three minutes of the clip before he begins to worship her gor...

10:40 $10.00 Eating the Feet of Xana
Eating the Feet of Xana

It's a foot licking good time as slave boy lays at the feet of his Goddess and serves her feet with his mouth and tongue while Mistress Xana files her f...

6:56 $6.00 Mya honey-flavored Feet
Mya honey-flavored Feet

The gorgeous Lady Mya looks like a supermodel as usual,. with the added joy of watching those cute feet get honey poored on them and then serviced by th...

8:39 $9.00 Licking Tabby's Nylons
Licking Tabby's Nylons

Our pleasantly chubby Mistress gets her nylon covered feet licked and worshipped for this entire clip by that old lump, slave bonehead

11:15 $10.00 Eating the feet of Mistress Seven
Eating the feet of Mistress Seven

Slave luke is walked in on a leash before being forced to do his humiliating duty - licking and worshipping the feet of his superior Femdom Goddess, Mis...

10:05 $10.00 Shorty's face full of feet
Shorty's face full of feet

Mistress Nadia and Mistress Euro make slave shorty worship their beautiful shoes and feet..

8:40 $9.00 Stick your tongue out!
Stick your tongue out!

Mistress Xana humiliates slave hippy again, this time by making him worship and lick her shoes, followed by her feet...

10:11 $10.00 I'll stand on your face
I'll stand on your face

The sexy foot stylings of Lady Mya as she looks spectacular in her blonde hair and red lingerie. Stupid slave dopey is on his back and ready to worship ...

9:28 $9.00 Murderotica in Fishnet Foot Worship
Murderotica in Fishnet Foot Worship

Sexy as all hell, as per usual - Murderotica orders slave walter to worship her feet like she deserves...

10:07 $10.00 Get on the floor!
Get on the floor!

Our slave shorty is welcomed in and ordered to the floor where he can perform his expected shoe worship, followed by licking those bare feet in his face..

9:13 $10.00 Let's use my foot slave!
Let's use my foot slave!

Mistress Euro and Mistress Nadia use slave shorty to his only advantage - a tongue that was born to lick female feet...

10:45 $10.00 Feet by the pool
Feet by the pool

Slave dante is minding his own business outside by the pool and can you believe it - A Mistress comes by and demands he worship her feet. I can relate, ...

11:40 $10.00 She's bored so lick her feet
She's bored so lick her feet

Slave Dante isn't even supposed to be here today! But there he is, laying on the ground and ready to worship some hot Latina feet!

11:17 $10.00 Plaid skirt means sexy feet?
Plaid skirt means sexy feet?

Slave dante begins his day as a human stool while his Mistress uses the computer, but is soon on his back and worshipping shoes and feet the way he was ...

9:51 $10.00 Suck my Feet, slim!
Suck my Feet, slim!

Mistress Gena has her slave tied up and laid down on the stairs. She rubs herself while making him worship her feet. Kind of a cute clip, actually - a ...

13:01 $13.00 Feet Be Looking Good
Feet Be Looking Good

Giselle dominates her slave underfoot, making him worship and clean her shoes before moving on to her bare feet and toes.

9:27 $9.00 FootBabes FB455
FootBabes FB455

Femdom Action