8:47 $9.00 Slurping Tangent and Demi
Slurping Tangent and Demi

Luke can't stop licking the feet of Goddess Tangent and her super cute Femdom sister, the stunning Mistress Demi - but I guess I wouldn't either!

Foot Worship

9:14 $10.00 Dopey chews on stockings
Dopey chews on stockings

A non-stop foot in face foot worship clip featuring Goddess Tangent and her gal pal wearing nylon pantyhose and fishnet stockings. His world is now thei...

10:49 $10.00 The arches of doom
The arches of doom

Slave dopey must lick clean the feet of these two Mistresses. Who knows what all was on the carpet that is now on his tongue?

11:37 $10.00 My Feet need your tongue
My Feet need your tongue

Grumpy slave dopey has his back pinned against the wall by Mistress Anastasia and she uses her position to make sure he puts his tongue to good use, lic...

7:53 $8.00 Foot Fetish Solutions
Foot Fetish Solutions

Sometimes your shoes and feet are dirty - it happens! And when you're Eve Ellis and you look like her, whenever you need shoes or feet cleaned you tell ...

10:16 $10.00 Eve's Feet Demand Worship
Eve's Feet Demand Worship

Eve Ellis looking terrific as always - she sits in a chair while her slave lays prone on the couch and is ready to lick her thigh high black boots clean...

10:41 $10.00 Bad Foot Slave!
Bad Foot Slave!

Mistress Sondra and Mistress Euro have slave dopey underneath their gorgeous feet and they aren't letting him up until every inch of foot has been licke...

8:53 $9.00 Mistress Euro Foot Worship
Mistress Euro Foot Worship

Goddess Euro in one of her rare solo clips, sits on top of slave dopey like the worthless pile of crap that he is, and forces him and his useless tongue...

11:07 $10.00 Lick our feet, pervert!
Lick our feet, pervert!

Mistress Demi was napping peacefully when this stupid moron starts licking her feet. Luckily her real-life sister Goddess Tangent was around to pull him...

10:29 $10.00 10 Toes to Lick
10 Toes to Lick

Mistress Xana brings along another pair of feet and they force their tiny slave to spend his time making sure his tongue gets everywhere it needs to be!

10:07 $10.00 Shut up and tongue out!
Shut up and tongue out!

Give a couch, a floor and a slave to Mistress Xana and before you realize it, there will be a guy on the floor with his tongue out and ready to lick her...

9:38 $10.00 Slurping the Feet of Murderotica
Slurping the Feet of Murderotica

Watch and be jealous of slave luke as he does just what Murderotica demands of him - lick and clean her feet with his tongue!

11:20 $10.00 Eve's Foot Slave
Eve's Foot Slave

Eve Ellis decides to read her book, but she wants her feet to have some attention while she does it, so slave dopey is propped against the wall so he ca...

9:17 $10.00 Your mouth is my Foot Toy
Your mouth is my Foot Toy

The lovely Eve Ellis spends several minutes treating slave dopey's mouth as personal amusement for her feet...

10:17 $10.00 I call you Foot Licker
I call you Foot Licker

Dumb old slave luke spends some time licking feet - how unusual!

8:39 $8.00 Horny Foot Mistress
Horny Foot Mistress

Slave luke is getting his foot worship on, but he's not the only one getting aroused. Our Mistress is super horny and basically tried to rip his clothes...

11:04 $10.00 Lick In Silence!
Lick In Silence!

Our super sexy fitness Mistress has her slave right where she wants him - where he can lick and kiss her feet while she rests comfortably in her love seat.

10:44 $10.00 Tongue My Feet!
Tongue My Feet!

Our sexy fitness Mistress loves to sit on top of her slaves while demanding they worship her feet. Here, she uses her slave as furniture, sitting atop h...

10:39 $10.00 Sondra and Tabby Foot Feast
Sondra and Tabby Foot Feast

Silly slave bonehead has taken his usual place on the floor where he can best serve and worship the feet of Mistress Sondra and her friend Mistress Tabby