8:47 $9.00 Slurping Tangent and Demi
Slurping Tangent and Demi

Luke can't stop licking the feet of Goddess Tangent and her super cute Femdom sister, the stunning Mistress Demi - but I guess I wouldn't either!

Foot Worship

12:22 $10.00 Dopey licks Latina Feet
Dopey licks Latina Feet

Latina Mistress Gena and her cute accent bring the foot worship show to slave dopey who lays there like a lump, as usual. He starts off being forced to ...

9:34 $9.00 Latina Stockings
Latina Stockings

Exceedingly boring clip where our Latina Mistress Gena doesn't do much other than place her stocking-covered feet on his face, telling him to smell them...

10:28 $10.00 Long Toenail Foot Worship
Long Toenail Foot Worship

Ebony Mistress Shannon has some long toe nails so when she demands foot worship from her tiny slave, there is an element of danger inside his mouth. Wil...

10:11 $10.00 Hippy licks some Feet
Hippy licks some Feet

Slave hippy spends his time at the feet of his Mistress, making sure he cleans her green heels for a couple minutes before deep-throating her gorgeous b...

14:00 $12.00 Time to eat My feet
Time to eat My feet

Serving Mistress Darla was becoming slave luke's full time job it seems like. This is a cute and very well shot foot worship clip with 19 year old Darla...

13:10 $12.00 Heels first, then Feet
Heels first, then Feet

Mistress Darla has slave luke right where he needs to be in order to perform his foot worship obligations. She has him begin by licking her shoes clean ...

9:34 $10.00 Serving Mistress Demi's Feet
Serving Mistress Demi's Feet

It's time for slave bro to get down on the sweet feet of Mistress Demi while she sits on top of him like he's just furniture. Actually, she seems to lov...

12:38 $11.00 I love Your Feet
I love Your Feet

This clip is shot entirely from a low vantage point where you get a wonderful view of our Ladies feet getting worshipped. For some reason, she barefoot ...

11:00 $10.00 My Feet on the Menu
My Feet on the Menu

Bare foot worship of an Amazon Femdom by silly slave steve...

9:49 $10.00 Worship is the beginning
Worship is the beginning

Starts off with shoe worship, then nylons, then bare feet. Lick those footsies, steve!

15:28 $12.00 Our Feet, Our Rules
Our Feet, Our Rules

Slave steve starts off by licking heels and ends up with constant four feet in his face at all times. Lick those babies!

10:22 $10.00 Dopey eats Xana Feet
Dopey eats Xana Feet

Sexy Mistress Xana uses slave dopey as human furniture while forcing him to lick her feet clean - seems we've been here before!

10:27 $10.00 Our Feet are a Treat
Our Feet are a Treat

Mistress Sondra tag teams with Mistress Fiona to humiliate their foot slave, forcing him to lick, clean and otherwise worship their beautiful bare feet..

10:34 $10.00 Foot Worship Duo
Foot Worship Duo

Mistress Fiona and Mistress Sondra order their slave to worship their flip flops like the scum he is before commanding him to lick, clean, suck and wors...

9:51 $10.00 My Toes in your mouth!
My Toes in your mouth!

Lady Mya is just too hot for words. That incredible body, that tan, that succulent, perfect flesh - AND she is Domme like crazy in this shoot, but it's ...

11:14 $10.00 My shoes, My socks, My feet
My shoes, My socks, My feet

Mistress Xana gets herself nice and comfortable with slave scuba steve underneath her and proceeds to order up some shoe worship, then her socks and fin...

10:48 $10.00 Worship My Feet, loser!
Worship My Feet, loser!

The sexy feet of Mistress Xana on display here as slave steve does his duty and licks her heels clean, moving on to her beautiful bare feet...

11:38 $10.00 No choice but Foot Licking
No choice but Foot Licking

Lots of close-up foot action in this clip, with slave steve eating cheese and crackers off the feet of Goddess Tangent occasionally...